Spirit of Ibiza 1989

Spirit of Ibiza 1989

We spent a lot of time in Spain in the late 80s and have many happy memories of visits to Ibiza.

An exhibition currently in London: Spirit Of Ibiza 89 – How Balearic Beats Liberated London: A Photo Journey by Dave Swindells is well worth checking out.

The website describes it like this:

In this exhibition, Swindells presents a series of images giving us a once in a lifetime view into the Second Summer of Love (a period in 1988-89 when electronic dance music exploded in Britain’s club scene). His images focus on how ‘Balearic Beats’ – a multifaceted and unique fusion of rock, funky reggae, Eurodisco and Chicago house – as well as the ecstasy-fuelled clubbing style of life experienced in Ibiza, gave DJs the inspiration to create a freer and unrestricted club scene in London.

Check it out if you are in London right now.

I should also mention our friend Apiento’s site Test Pressing which along with currently featuring this exhibition is a treasure trove of all things balearic and in new downtempo music.